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 Gundalian Invaders Set B Gate Cards

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PostSubject: Gundalian Invaders Set B Gate Cards   Wed Jul 07, 2010 6:28 am

Fire Swamp(Silver) - Pyrus+150G, Aquos+140G, Sub-Terra+130G, Haos+0G, Darkus+10G, Ventus+30G

Windy Sunrise(Silver) - Pyrus+0G, Aquos+10G, Sub-Terra+30G, Haos+150G, Darkus+140G, Ventus+130G

Rainy Sunset(Silver) - Pyrus+0G, Aquos+200G, Sub-Terra+90G, Haos+110G, Darkus+170G, Ventus+10G

Steady Land(Silver) - Pyrus+140G, Aquos+140G, Sub-Terra+150G, Haos+160G, Darkus+160G, Ventus+150G

Poiunt of Light(Silver) - Pyrus+300G, Aquos+150G, Sub-Terra+100G, Haos+50G, Darkus+250G, Ventus+200G

Once Mainland(Silver) - Pyrus+120G, Aquos+50G, Sub-Terra+170G, Haos+200G, Darkus+30G, Ventus+50G

Silver Spear(Silver) - Pyrus+200G, Aquos+150G, Sub-Terra+100G, Haos+0G, Darkus+50G, Ventus+100G - Silver Gear give their printed G-Power an extra time.

The AG Wind(Silver) - Pyrus+120G, Aquos+20G, Sub-Terra+10G, Haos+80G, Darkus+100G, Ventus+170G - Copper and Gold fear can't be played.

Golden Spear(Gold) - Pyrus+70G, Aquos+80G, Sub-Terra+190G, Haos+100G, Darkus+120G, Ventus+120G - Gold Gear give their printed G-Power an extra time.

Heated Fury(Gold) - Pyrus+50G, Aquos+0G, Sub-Terra+80G, Haos+210G, Darkus+200G, Ventus+120G - Players with a Pyrus Bakugan in their used or unused pile gets +100 G-Power to their bakugan at this battle.

Darkened Fury(Gold) - Pyrus+80G, Aquos+120G, Sub-Terra+200G, Haos+0G, Darkus+50G, Ventus+210G - Players with a Darkus Bakugan in their used or unused pile gets +100 G-Power to their Bakugan at this battle.

Coredem's Turf(Gold) - Pyrus+70G, Aquos+100G, Sub-Terra+200G, Haos+130G, Darkus+180G, Ventus+20G - The Bakugan with the lowest printed G-Power gets +50 for each point of power level.

Akwimos(Gold) - Pyrus+150G, Aquos+100G, Sub-Terra+120G, Haos+170G, Darkus+50G, Ventus+100G - At the end of this battle, the winner may move a BAKUGAN from their unused pile to any empty Gate card on the field.

Lumino Dragonoid(Gold) - Pyrus+70G, Aquos+50G, Sub-Terra+60G, Haos+50G, Darkus+80G, Ventus+100G - At the start of the battle, flip 2 coins. LUMINO DRAGONOID gets the gate bonus one extra time for each heads.

The AU Wind(Gold) - Pyrus+110G, Aquos+240G, Sub-Terra+130G, Haos+40G, Darkus+260G, Ventus+180G - Silver and Copper gear can't be played.

Krakix(Gold) - Pyrus+80G, Aquos+50G, Sub-Terra+0G, Haos+100G, Darkus+120G, Ventus+100G - All KRAKIX BAKUGAN Get +50 G-Power for each point of Power Level.

Copper Spear(Copper) - Pyrus+200G, Aquos+100G, Sub-Terra+60G, Haos+90G, Darkus+0G, Ventus+140G - Copper Gear give their printed G-Power an extra time.

The Doom Trick(Copper) - Pyrus+250G, Aquos+20G, Sub-Terra+100G, Haos+50G, Darkus+150G, Ventus+130G - Unless there is a Darkus Bakugan at this battle, the lowest G-Power wins this battle.

Dark Reflection(Copper) - Pyrus+0G, Aquos+120G, Sub-Terra+80G, Haos+160G, Darkus+200G, Ventus+40G - Bakugan swap printed G-Powers at the start of the battle.

Lumagrowl's Trick(Copper) - Pyrus+200G, Aquos+50G, Sub-Terra+0G, Haos+200G, Darkus+100G, Ventus+150G - The player with the fewest Gate cards in their used pile doesn't get the Gate Attribute bonus.

The CU Wind(Copper) - Pyrus+80G, Aquos+100G, Sub-Terra+150G, Haos+0G, Darkus+20G, Ventus+170G - Silver and Gold Gear can't be played.

Doom Field(Copper) - Pyrus+0G, Aquos+0G, Sub-Terra+150G, Haos+100G, Darkus+150G, Ventus+100G - At the start of this battle, all Gear and Traps in used piles are removed from the game.

Twisted Heat(Copper) - Pyrus+300G, Aquos+300G, Sub-Terra+100G, Haos+200G, Darkus+250G, Ventus+220G

Dead Zone(Copper) - Pyrus+100G, Aquos+80G, Sub-Terra+120G, Haos+50G, Darkus+0G, Ventus+150G - The Bakugan with the highest printed G-Power changes to the highlighted attribute.

Note: The Bolded Gate Attribute Bonus is the Highlighted Gate Bonus.

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Gundalian Invaders Set B Gate Cards
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