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 My Arsenal

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PostSubject: My Arsenal   Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:00 am

Character Name: Serge Fugas
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 13
Personality: Serge is very easily angered, but has a strong sense of justice, and is extremely loyal to his friends

Description: Serge is a Half-Neathian, but for obvious reasons that has no affect on his appearance. He has blue eyes, glasses, and brown hair. He nearly always wears his orange hoodie and blue track pants.

Biography: Serge is the son of Neathian Scientist Ray Fugas and Librarian Mary Fugas. He grew up always seeing the Gundalian Skylar Xaroth, and is now very good friends with him.

Arsenal: Aquos Neo Dragonoid 750G
Aquos Dharak 720G
Aquos Hades 700G
Aquos Phosphos 680G
Aquos Helix Dragonoid 620G

Aquos Baliton (Change to Pyrus)

Copper JetKor 70G
Copper Battle Sabre 100G

Aquos Quake Dragonoid 940G

Tease(Red Ability Card)
Practiced Water(Red Ability Card)
Power Drain(Red Ability Card)

Fully Prepared(Blue Ability Card)
Late Tide(Blue Ability Card)

Mirror Element(Green Ability Card)
Conform(Green Ability Card)
Dharak(Green Ability Card)
Reinforced Water(Green Ability Card)
Copper Risk(Green Ability Card)

Rainy Sunset(Silver Gate Card)
Fire Swamp(Silver Gate Card)

Snapzoid(Gold Gate Card)
Phosphos Armory(Gold Gate Card)
The AU Wind(Gold Gate Card)

Rickety Bridge(Copper Gate Card)
Poison Ground(Copper Gate Card)
The CU Plateau(Copper Gate Card)
The Doom Trick(Copper Gate Card)
Twisted Heat(Copper Gate Card)

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My Arsenal
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